Principal's Message

This institution was established in 1968 to cater to the under privileged Anglo Indian children of the city of Lucknow. As years have gone by this school is a landmark in education in this city. Teaching faculty of the above institution boasts of having the finest and experienced academicians. Primary importance is given to the girl child. Holistic methods coupled with the utility of information technology forms an essential ingredient in nurturing children to a physically and mentally healthy approach to imparting a total development in educational growth.

In the course of the years we have developed an educational infrastructure matching every global school to bring about not only nationalism but internationalism.

We are proud of our laboratories and facilities provided to our students. We inculcate the values of self-discipline, personal management, emotional growth, infrastructural amenities to enjoy the personal felicitation of a healthy educational environment.

Within the limited space we provide a “Shanti-Niketan of Learning”. All round development, tempered with personal skills of communication are emphasized and co-curricular activities, environmental awareness, disaster management, personal hygiene, profilactic measures in health management, road safety measures, life-skills and productive skills form part of our curriculum. We try and eradicate impediments of every nature to give a child a healthy atmosphere to a near Utopian ideology of learning.

Academics is given prime importance. This is the reason why our students are elitely placed all around the world. Doctors, engineers, information technology experts, Hotel Management and placements abroad are a common phenomena of our alumni.

We are very proud to be a contributory member of our global society.

Personality and personal skills of reading, writing and emphasis on vocal skills are an integral part of the school ideologies.

Games and fun-learning with a healthy competitive attitude correlates to the daily curriculum.

Creativity and imaginative writing are emphasized. Student journalism and productivity are given importance. Newspaper reading, magazines and proper library management helps in enhancing the creative skills. We look for inculcating national and international values. We provide the intentions to bring about a morally, religious and value oriented student to be a worthy member of society contributing to the values of family, school and society. These are essential implementation tools we provide for a better future. We want to make the world a better place for you, me and the entire human race.

Mr. Peter H. Fanthome