About School

St. Teresa's Day School and College was established under Article 29, 30 of the Constitution of India. It is the oldest post independent Anglo Indian School established July 1968 by Hubert and Inez Fanthome. It has a saturated infrastructure with every facility needed for school and Junior College Education.

A well planned curriculum at all stages Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary levels. Activities throughout the years help to create a balance in all sections of the school. Children of the entire school are a part of inter school activities. We insist on exposing children to the outer world of schools and places as a part of our globalization program. For example thematic quizzing takes place throughout the school and the Pre-Primary have topics like Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhymes while the Higher Secondary has global topics on politics, religion, sports, etc. “A busy child is a learning child.”

Value education, social work, respect of elder's etiquette, personal hygiene and grooming form and integral part of the child's education. Leadership is encouraged and carries guidance and counseling are undertaken by professionals. Nationalism, internationalism is taught and the children go through various activities and drills to inculcate democratic values and patriotism groups of teachers. They are computer savvy and sent on regular workshops and seminars to keep abreast with modern techniques of education. There projects in personality and academics true models of ideal teachers.

Facilities for children are many; A 35kV generator to beat the power cuts, water, coolers with clean drinking water. Spacious toilets, buses, canteen, medical facilities, computerized accounting system, reports cards, class lists, and rolls, C.C. T.V. s placed strategically to ensure sound discipline, proper safety measures and drills form a part of the essential facilities.

Formed parent/guardian participation at regular P/T meetings on every second Saturday apart from staying back after school to meet parents and take remedial classes of the less academically inclined.

The school gives its calendars, diary, time tables, book marks, news letters and written notices to parents to have proactive deliberations and keeps abreast with school uniforms. Attendance monitored of each student and parents informed on a regular basis. Parents may be called by the Principal if the student becomes repeated offender.

The school motto is “Do all things well.” We insist on the attaining the highest of qualities.